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About us

Zoroty Distribution entered the digital market in 2018 with a flexible, scalable and affordable music distribution solution.Our easy-to-use but full of features and services idea for independent content owners, record labels and distributors allows them to create, exchange and access their music and related data anytime, anywhere. We work directly with artists and labels, but also with distributors all over the world and we provide them with our white label solution that allows them to carry out a digital distribution service with their brand on the dashboard on their hosting domain while maintaining full control of their digital music distribution.

Zoroty Distribution is directly connected to the major digital music services worldwide,

offering thousands of publications every month.

Zoroty Distribution also has contracts with all major digital music services,

is a full DDEX and MERLIN NETWORK.



+ 15,000 artists have chosen Zoroty Distribution.

+ 70,000 tracks released every month.

Upload & manage content 

Metadata edits

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Distribute original music to monetize on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play,   

Tik Tok and more. 

Update and make changes to your music's metadata at any point

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Customized releases

Customized scheduled release dates and territories.

Speed to delivery

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We deliver your music to stores within 2 business days.

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Monthly payments

Strategy Team

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Zoroty Distribution automatically pays you and your shareholders on the 30th of every month.

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Insights, reporting & analytics

Access to beta features like trending daily.

As a client focused music company, our team offers expert service in Streaming Promotion, Digital Retail, Social Media and Direct-to-Fan Marketing, providing personalized and accessible service.
Zoroty Distribution will provide you with all the tools you need to succeed in the music business.



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Adriano Italian myth.

The man most loved in Italy for his songs and films returns with us in a new guise."Il Molleilato" jokingly called, we enclose it in an incredible album with the best of his hits.

We love his unforgettable notes.

Musica e Ricordi hosts this fantastic album in digital version, a collection that connoisseurs cannot miss, obviously distributed by Zoroty Distribution.

"La Colegiala"

Directly from the soul of Cuba comes the new success of Carlo Cavalli together Frank Likor.

                                               Entirely produced on the                                                   magical island, inspired                                                     by the success of the 80's                          

of Gary Low Carlo Cavalli & Roberta Bombelli they bring us the same energy back to an entirely Latin world. We can do nothing but dance with this hit reggaeton. Available on all digital stores and streaming platforms on 

The Best Cuban Music.


70.000 tracks deliberate,

this great job is the result of a strong Zoroty team

Mambo Italiano 

An incredible box for lovers of "Mambo Italiano", Dean

Martin, Carla Boni and Renato Carosone for each of their interpretations.

Italian American to the whole world for a great all-Italian success


My True Love by Mina             

"La tigre di Cremona", Mina Anna Maria Mazzin iin all its glory the hottest Italian voice in this incredible album

inside thirty of the greatest hits of the

Italian star.

First chapter of a long series of collections that MMM will present during the year, masterfully distributed by Zoroty Distribution.


Cuban World                   

Something extraordinary has arrived for lovers of the Cuban world: "Traditional Cuban Music (Los Mejores Son Cubanos)"designed and created by Carlo Cavalli for "The Best Cuban Music"

Available limited vinyl on Amazon, best shop vinyl and all newsstands, don't miss a single one, distribution by Zoroty Distribution.

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Vinyl my love                   

Zoroty Distribution embraces the melancholy of engraved vinyl, the rustle of the needle that furrows the music of the author, chills of other times but which we bring back to life. The search for original recordings between the oldies world and the story of those who wrote the world musical history. 

Zoroty repeats oldies hits in different print formats from the classic 12 "to 10" and 7 "to enrich collections of fans of all kinds oldies from the myths of Jazz and Soul Jazz to Bossa Nova passing to the creators of Latin Music.

Famous names from Compay Segundo to Aretha Franklin queen of soul music arriving at João Gilberto master of bossa nova and many others, stay connected with us for any news on our vinyls

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CD, why not?

Zoroty relaunches the physical market, our physical compact disc releases are available, the compilations we select and the individual outgoing.

We create the unforgettable support of our best releases

CD, why not?

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Urban Latin musica en el corazon                 

Zoroty Distribution has an extensive catalog “Urban Latin” made in the heart and soul of the Habana Cuba with musical sounds: Merengue Urbano / Reggaeton/ Cubaton. The distributed by Zoroty Distribution and the project was founded by Carlo Cavalli and Roberta Bombelli. The choice to make our tracks in the magical "Habana Cuba" to savor emotions and dreams of the place. To captain our Latin collection "The Best Cuban Music" definitely among our best sectoral labels.

Our selection is magical

The Zoroty team dedicated to Cuban sound, selects and creates playlists full of hits of all times to enrich and make us dance, emotions and rhythm are at home.

Obviously you can find our playlists on our official spotify channel ... come on!

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If you want to join Zoroty

You want to enter the Zoroty world, send us your project, we will submit it to our aggregation check. Show us your work, your ambitions, send us the music you created or collected, your graphic line that will represent your project.

Our team evaluates your music according to company policies.

Send to info@zorotydistribution.com

                                                               ....are you ready?

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Payment services


Marketing & Promotion

The Zoroty team for sectoral research to enhance and valorize your music


Radio Plugging

Do you believe in your music? We have partnered with a company that provides high impact global radio links to help you promote your releases

PR & Media Campaigns

PR campaigns designed and implemented for each artist, fully managed long-term PR strategy by artist



Your music in playlists on Spotify, Apple Music and many more


Artwork Design

Your work of art is your face, so make sure it represents you and your music!

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